Three hours in Seville

If you ever see Seville, you will realise what a beautiful city it is. I have seen this city twice before, when the temperatures have not been in the high 30s and low 40s, hence the flying visit.


The city is full of Moorish history, and you can see it in its architecture. The palace in Seville, the Alcazar, is a great example of this with its arches and courtyards.

It is a great place of inspiration, especially for Textiles, as a pattern is a primary part of the decoration. I love the tessellation and the geometric aspect of the designs and perhaps this could be turned into some kind of printing, maybe using lino or silk screen printing.


Some of the colours used in the tiles are beautiful vivid blues, turmeric yellows and lush greens. I would like to use the geometric pattern and then use a more current colour palette with it such as grey, black and a bright pop of colour, or pastel colours.

I love drawing buildings and this is the perfect example of what I love to draw. When I  draw buildings like this, I usually draw a light outline in pencil and then go over the top with watercolours. After this, I take a black fineliner pen and then add the detail of the building into it. This technique is great if you are thinking about turning your drawing into an appliqué or for a freehand embroidery.


As for the rest of the city, it was very pretty due to the amount of the townhouses. I love the black railings on the balconies and the shutters on the windows. I love drawing this as it looks very detailed, however, it can look very two dimensional.

I took lots of inspiration from the Alcazar and Seville in general. I am going take this and make drawings, and then develop this into some freehand embroidery. Watch this space for updates!


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