Ronda Watercolour


I took inspiration for this piece from a photo I took in Ronda (above). Once I saw this scene I knew immediately that I wanted to illustrate it with watercolours and black fineliner pen.

I started this piece a little differently than what I usually do. I did a plan of the picture with faint pencil lines and made sections where certain colours were meant to be. I named these sections in accordance to the colours on the photograph and I did a little testing of the colours on this page as well.

I started off painting the sky and I did this in a very dilute blue colour. I painted in a horizontal fashion so it looks like sky and I also like how the diluted colour created some white patches, which look like clouds but not drawn in too much.


I then proceeded to paint the mountains in the background which I kept to a very diluted grey colour so it looked like it was in the background. When I started painting the foreground, I decided the best way to create a foliage look was to dab the watercolour paint on. I also decided to gradient the foliage in the foreground too.

I then added detail with black fineliner pen. With the fineliner I drew the pavilion. I used the pen technique of cross-hatching to create detail on the pavilion and then used the pen very lightly on the bricks at the bottom.

To add shadows, I used the Faber-Castell Pastel Pencils and smudged the colours to create the types of shadows I wanted.

This piece was only a rough sketch and is probably not going to be developed anymore but this piece was about experimenting with using different mediums on top of each other. I also enjoyed making a plan for this painting as it is something I don’t usually do.

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