The Alhambra

The sketches yesterday consisted of many new drawing techniques. My mum decided to draw a few sketches and as she was doing so, she was giving me tips on how to improve my drawings. Usually, I want to make my drawings perfect but my mum taught me to be more free with my sketching and not to be afraid of drawing on top of existing lines.

On one page I gathered together many patterns and it was on this page, that the patterns interlink, it was almost like I had made a design.

I liked looking at large parts of the building structure because you can get inspiration from the arches. As well as this, I also liked focusing on smaller elements of the Alhambra like the tiles and the fountains, because I can get inspiration for patterns.

I added to my drawings when I got home by using watercolour paints to reflect the colour palette used frequently in the palace, pastel pencils to shade with and create the flow of water and black fineliner to bring out detail in buildings.

I love the geometric patterns that are created by the tiles and the overall grandeur of the Alhambra and it will be very frequently used in upcoming projects.




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