Museo Picasso Málaga

I really enjoyed the Museo Picasso in Malaga because it was only a small collection and you could really concentrate on the artwork there. There are pieces from earlier in his life and it was fascinating to see how he went from quite a classical painter to a cubist and surrealist painter. Picasso was inspired by: Classical Antiquity, the Golden Age and Parisian Circus scenes. (I’m sorry about the pictures, they are over exposed.)

I learnt a lot when I was there like Picasso used to paint how children see faces and pictures. I love the way Picasso used shapes to make up faces. Usually people use shapes to draw a rough outline of a person, but Picasso keeps it in the raw form. He adds detail by using line and sometimes he even creates pattern.

You can that Picasso uses different colour palettes for different times in his life. In his early paintings, he uses very muted tones, but in the later years, he uses very bright colours.

While we were there we also got to see the collection called Juego de Ojos, or I Spy. Picasso tried different techniques to display eyes like linocut printing, pencil, lithograph, ink on paper and etches on details.

It was an inspiring day and I hope to use some of the techniques he used, in my own work.

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