Hand-stitched Florals: Tessa Perlow

So today I have spent about six hours on a flower embroidery, I am not sure why or how I even got through it, but it happened!


The flowers are actually for a school upcycling project and I used Tessa Perlow as an inspiration. I first came across her when I was looking through Etsy and thought how beautiful (and tedious) her work was. Because I loved her use of colours, I decided to use her for my project as she decorates surfaces of garments; I am mostly interested in textile design rather than fashion  design so her attention to detail really interests me.
I decided to take her floral designs and translate into coloured brio first; brio so I could get the textual sense of the stitch on paper. I also changed the colours that she used to best suit my theme, which in this case was a colour palette of orange and red.


I then started my stitching which took me longer than I expected, but the finished product was beautiful and had a lovely textural surface to it. I hope to do a couple more hand-stitched flowers for my project, but I think I’ll leave that to next weekend!

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