Forgotten Felting

I haven’t written in awhile, but I helped my GCSE Year 10 for the first time in ages. They were felt making in the class, something which I haven’t done in about three years, but after a 30-second refresher course, I got stuck into it.

This class made me realise how much I have forgotten over the years, but the same abrasive technique is needed, so my muscles had to do lots of hard work. I forgot how the piece shrinks and the endless layers of bubble wrap, towel and netting, but the finished result is a beautiful, textural piece.

The felting that I have done at home usually consists of felting needles and does not get the same of texture that the soap and abrasion technique gets, as the fibres do not bind together as well. I feel this technique would be very good if you have drawings with oil pastels because you can get the same type of effect; the merging of the colours as well as texture.

I love embellishing onto felt pieces because you get a different texture and quality from the threads or beads you are embellishing with.

Anyway, I have attached below some of my felting pieces I have done, but now from writing I feel very inspired and realised what I am missing out on!


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