Quilting: Sandra Meech

I recently studied Sandra Meech as part of my Architecture project. I love her work as she uses quilting, a technique I had never done before.


I love the way she collages images together and overlaps them. This is very topical to my Architecture project as I am now looking at architectural features and materials, and this artist combines the two. 

From the above image, you can understand the kind of thing I had to try and convey through my work.

  • The technique of quilting
  • The layering of images
  • The combination of architectural features and materials

I collaged images I had throughout my sketchbook in Adobe Photoshop Mix app. I then printed my design onto calico using the printer at school. After this, I appliquéd velvet and reverse appliquéd hessian onto the calico. To get the quilted effect, I then added wadding; I sandwiched the wadding in between two layers of calico. I then used a sewing machine to add to freehand embroidery which made the quilted effect more obvious.


I have just added my sketchbook pages below just so you understand the way I have presented the page and how it all links together.

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