This is one of the best exhibitions I have seen. David Hockney’s work is currently displayed in the Tate Britain and is a really popular exhibition, so I suggest you go and see it before it ends.

His work is relevant to my topic of architecture as his collection called A Bigger Photography collages images of buildings together to achieve a distorted look. I did not realise that his other work related back to several areas of my Architecture project as his paintings are very similar to Mary Katranazou’s prints.

Hockney uses several different techniques in his work, but what I appreciate the most is his use of block colours. The use of block colours can usually look very childish, but Hockney achieves an accomplished piece by selecting a colour palette with similar shades of one colour and then an accent colour.

Today, I painted my own response to Hockney’s work which included the use of a limited colour palette, clean lines and textures. It was inspired by a photograph I took in London of a block of flats which had a distinct curved design to it; a contrast to Hockney’s paintings of buildings which have always been very linear and rectangular. I used the app Adobe Capture to get a rough outline of the building and then traced it onto some cartridge paper. Next, I thought very carefully about the use of colours so I distinguished a colour palette very similar to what Hockney used which consisted of a salmon pink, a light blue, several shades of grey and then accent colours of a bright green and a cobalt blue.


The finished image is something I am very proud of as it took me a long time to finish it, but I wanted to relate this image back to the designer, Mary Katranazou. Her Spring Summer 2011 collection was inspired by architecture and developed prints based on this topic. I decided to do something similar and I am very happy with the final result.


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