Falmouth University

A couple of weeks back I visited my first university, Falmouth. It is a beautiful seaside town where the university campus is only 10 minutes by bus from the centre. I was not able to get pictures of the university but I have some beautiful pictures of the town which I will attach. If you don’t know what I want to study, I have a post attached called University Decisions. I have ten categories of which I will include in each of my posts about the universities.


  • The course at this university includes very good modules and is a three-year course
    • You can have the chance to do a business and history module both of which I am very interested in
      • History is a passion of mine and an A-Level that I am studying currently
      • The business module interests me because I have thought about establishing my own company in the future

Location and Work Environment:

  • As I said at the beginning, the university is located in a seaside town
    • It seems very quiet and is not really ‘club central’ (not that I am looking for that), but it has a certain charm about it which I haven’t experienced before
  • The actual space that the textile department has in the Design Centre is quite small to what I thought it would be like
    • However, it had a light and airy feel which made it feel bigger
    • There are several departments working in the Design Centre so you really feel you are in a creative environment with the opportunity for collaboration


  • Falmouth had really good facilities with the chance to use the latest technology
  • They have a dye room and are only interested in using natural dyes instead of chemical dyes
    • I loved the ethics behind this university as they are very environment conscious which adds to the charm of the whole university

Contact Time:

  • You get 12 hours of contact time a week
    • At the beginning of the year the whole of the year’s entries for Textiles will be taught together and as you specialise in a specific area, then the class get smaller

Gap Year Accepted:

  • This is really important to me as at the moment I am thinking I want a gap year
    • I was talking to the lecturers about this but they seemed really accepting of the gap year as you are widening you horizons

Foundation Course Necessary:

  • I was really glad to see that a foundation course was not needed at this university
  • I found out that universities in London prefer you to come with a foundation course, so that is something for me to consider if I want that to happen

Working Abroad:

  • They have the opportunity to go and work in industry abroad
  • They have links with universities in Europe, so I could study a few of my modules aboard which is a fantastic opportunity

Entry Requirements:

  • The entry requirements for this university is BBB
  • It is a fairly new university so that is why I think the entry requirements are low

Time from Home:

  • The time from London is 5 hours and 44 minutes by car so it is quite far away but it isn’t unreachable

Extra Curricular Music:

  • This is something a little more personal to me as I would be interested in joining the orchestra if there was one available

Overall, I really like Falmouth but it is the first university I have seen, so the others are going to be compared to this.

Land’s End
Penryn (5 minutes from Falmouth)
Falmouth Town Centre
Falmouth Harbour




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