Edinburgh University

I visited Edinburgh this week and I loved it. I know I have only seen one other university, but I feel like I have already made my decision.


  • This is a four-year course instead of the usual three
  • It is a very structured course with the opportunity to work independently and in groups
  • Only 16 people are accepted every year
  • Have the opportunity to work with different techniques instead of specialising to just one like Falmouth

Location and Work Environment:

  • It is a city campus with the School of Art located about 5 minutes walk from the Royal Mile
  • The university has the opportunity to work with other departments in order to enhance your initial ideas
  • At the beginning of the year, you have an introductory project which includes all the  people taking the course


  • There is no facility for weaving, but I am not too concerned about it as I am not as interested in that technique as some
  • They have bigger working spaces than Falmouth and have individual working spaces instead of fighting for a certain space

Contact Time:

  • According to a student at the open day, you get a one to one meeting once a week and usually, the teachers are around the work areas as well as technicians
  • There are 16 students on the course meaning there will be more contact time

Gap Year Accepted:

  • I didn’t really talk about this with them, but they seemed to be unaccepting of a gap year
  • It is a four-year course, which makes the need for a gap year diminish, and I have also changed my mind about a gap year

Foundation Course Necessary:

  • A foundation course is necessary and it included in the four-year course but I don’t mind it, as I know it is somewhere I really want to go

Working Abroad:

  • They have the opportunity to go and work in industry abroad
  • They also have a placement term in the third year as well as the opportunity for all the students to visit New Designers

Entry Requirements:

  • The entry requirements for this university is BBB
  • There is no name to your portfolio, so everything is done fairly
  • Interviews are done once your digital portfolio is seen to

Time from Home:

  • The time from London is 7 hours and 19 minutes by car so it is quite far away
  • You can get there in under an hour on a plane

Extra Curricular Music:

  • This is something a little more personal to me as I would be interested in joining the orchestra if there was one available
  • I didn’t really ask if they had an extra-curricular orchestra but it would be something that I would love

I love Edinburgh and I would really love to get into the university. Wish me luck!


The Dome
George Street
Graduate Show


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