Sustainability Project: Final Images

At the beginning of the year, we were set a project to do with sustainability to introduce us into A-Level Textiles. This week marked the end of the project for me (even though it was meant to be finished in February), as I finally put up the installation part of my piece in our annual summer exhibition at school. If you want to see the mood board for the garment in more depth I have written a blog post about it.

Our first piece had to be a fashion piece and I based off mine off a contrast between sustainability and unsustainability. I appliquéd flowers inspired by Tessa Perlow’s work, printed using a screen created by me and used pieces of my old school uniform to create a sixties inspired outfit.


From that, I used strips of the screen print and created a dripping fabric effect which was hung from mechanical parts attached on to rounds of wood. I cut away from parts of the screenprint and attached metal mesh decorated with 3D medium and Angelica fibres. I then added flowers made out of different materials such as metal mesh, heated acetate and fabric flowers.


I have also attached a photo of the final two pieces together.



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