Leeds University 

I visited Leeds a couple of weeks back and I really liked the city. However, for me, I didn’t like the Textile course there. Leeds is part of the Russel Group universities and has a large emphasis on research and has academic qualities.


  • This is a four-year course instead of the usual three as it has a sandwich year in Year 3
  • It is structured course with the opportunity to partake in other subjects and modules
  • They have an intake of 35 people per year
  • Have to specialise what area you like in the second year
  • Very academic core

Location and Work Environment:

  • It is a campus university centred in the middle of the city
  • The buildings are beautiful and the art school has big windows in every room, making it feel very light and airy


  • No designated work spaces that I am aware of
  • Computer suite
  • Big weaving and knitting equipment

Contact Time:

  • From Leeds, I got the impression there would be a lot of independent study as well as lots of seminars and lectures
  • They did not talk about the amount of contact time they gave people but it seemed that the teachers are around most of the time

Gap Year Accepted:

  • I didn’t really talk about this with them, but they seemed to be unaccepting of a gap year
  • It is a four-year course, which makes the need for a gap year diminish, and I have also changed my mind about a gap year

Foundation Course Necessary:

  • A foundation course is not necessary as they only look at you UCAS application rather than a portfolio

Working Abroad:

  • They have the opportunity to go and work in industry abroad
  • They also have a trip to Venice and Paris for Textile design shows

Entry Requirements:

  • The entry requirements are A B B with the inclusion of an Art subject

Time from Home:

  • The time from London is 3 hours and 46 minutes by car

Extra Curricular Music:

  • I didn’t really ask if they had an extra-curricular orchestra but it would be something that I would love to be part of

Overall I loved the city and the campus of Leeds, but in the end, it wasn’t for me. The course was too academic and it didn’t feel like the right university for me.


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