Artwork for a Nursery

I never knew that creating artwork for a nursery would be so hard. This was my first gift (or I see it more as a commission), that I have made for a family member.

When my cousin announced her pregnancy, I knew I wanted to create some artwork for her nursery. My brief for the artwork was to use jungle animals as the subjects but to also keep it minimalist and use vibrant colours.

From scouring through Pinterest, I realised I wanted to create a trio of geometric jungle animals using Textiles.


I sampled a few techniques such as patchwork and appliqué but in the end, I decided to use fabric paint and stitch black lines to create the geometric nature of the piece. I then appliquéd the cutout animal figures onto some grey hessian material.

To display my artwork, I decided to mount them (with the help of a teacher at my school) and put them into box frames.

I loved making these pieces as it has taught me how to follow a brief as well as working towards a deadline. I will put a final image of the artwork on the wall when they are finally hung up.


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