Men’s Fashion Sketches

The next part of my architecture project was to create a couple of men’s fashion sketches. My project naturally steered into creating fashion pieces due to the sculptural nature of architecture. The decision of doing men’s fashion came shortly after when I saw a piece of material and immediately thought of a men’s trouser leg.

Working on mood boards are not usually my speciality but I really enjoyed it this time. I had eight designs, which I originally wanted to display on one sheet, but realised that it looked too cramped.

The next issue I had was finding a style for these drawings. In the end, I decided to put blocks of watercolour paint, the textures of the fabrics, the print used and tracing paper.

I then put my designs onto foam board to raise them above my background. This helps the designs to look more distinct.

I  am really proud of these mood boards as they are the first mood boards that I am actually proud of! IMG_2654IMG_2656

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