Loughborough University

I wasn’t so keen on Loughborough University. It has a very sporty atmosphere which does not suit me at all (if you ever met me, you would understand this).


  • This is a four-year course instead of the usual three as it has a sandwich year in Year 3
  • The university streamline you into print, weaving, multimedia or integrated digital practice after the first year
  • Have the opportunity to do a professional and business practice module
  • Lots of external projects

Location and Work Environment:

  • It is a campus university centred outside the city
  • It has a very sporty feel which I am not too keen on
  • The School of Art and Design is located next to the college and not with the rest of the campus which makes you feel very secluded


  • This university had the biggest studio rooms that I have seen
  • They have a big screen printing room, weaving room and sewing room

Foundation Course Necessary:

  • A foundation course is not necessary with this course

Working Abroad:

  • They have the opportunity to go and work in industry abroad
  • You also have the opportunity to study abroad

Entry Requirements:

  • The entry requirements are A B B with the inclusion of an Art subject

Time from Home:

  • The time from London is 1 hour and 41 minutes by car

Overall I didn’t really like the atmosphere of the university but it had the best resources and working space that I have seen.


Loughborough University: Screen Printing room
Loughborough University: Studio


Loughborough University: Weaving room



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