My Attempt at Suit Toiles

I tell you one thing, making a suit with no garment making experience prior is hard work. I have given up on my suit making for now and are instead going to focus on my sketchbook work.

Firstly, I don’t understand the instructions that the pattern came with. I am a very visual person, but the diagrams in the instructions do not mean a thing to me. Usually, I love making things but this now is the bane of my life.

The jacket is the worse garment out of the whole suit and I am definitely going to make a new one with the assistance of my teachers. I don’t mind the second waistcoat as I think it looks very good. But the trousers… the trousers are so bad. As I said before, I have no idea on what I am doing so I should be proud of my suit toiles.




Trousers (featuring my dad’s scruffs)


I have to admit that I do love experimenting with the toiles. I have added polyester lining to the bottom of the trousers and the sleeves of the jacket so they look nice when they are rolled up. I have not included any pockets on my garment as that is another thing I don’t understand, but I have flaps which give the impression that there are pockets there.

It has truly been a learning curve and I can not believe I was so naive on hard a suit is to make. And trust me… it really is!


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