Molly Goddard

This fashion show was a lovely way to finish my school year. I went to this fashion show with a friend of mine and we both thoroughly enjoyed it.

The tickets were unusually free and all you had to do was book them through the V&A website and collect them on the day. It was part of the V&A’s Fashion in Motion series and took place as part of the REVEAL Festival.

We were fortunate enough to gain front row seats in the new exhibition space, with us sitting next to a dining table and chairs, sounds odd I know!

The show was not what I expected it to be.

Firstly, I expected it to last about 45 minutes to an hour but only lasted about 20 minutes.

There wasn’t a catwalk as such but it was more like a room with different sections to it. For example, as I said before, there was a dining set next to me, some sculptures in the middle of the room and an extravagant bed on the other side of the sculptures. In the middle of the show, the models sat down at the table and were eating and drinking, in the middle the models were sketching and on the bed, the models were having a very elegant slumber party.


The designs themselves were gorgeous. You can see that Ms Goddard’s work is very much centred around frills and pleats which gave a youthful but traditional air about her work. My personal favourite was the black net gown with vibrant hand embroidered motifs on it as well as the puffy electric blue dress.


It was a great show and gave a great summary to Molly Goddard’s work. I look forward to seeing more fashion shows at the V&A in the future!


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