Balenciaga at the V&A

Balenciaga is a Spanish fashion designer who emerged in the 1930s. This new exhibition at the V&A shows Balenciaga’s progression in fashions as well as how other people have been inspired by his designs.

His designs can be seen to be very classic with a modern twist. This can be seen in the dress below which utilises a unique silhouette but uses classic materials.


Balenciaga also uses inspiration from Spanish fashion. In the dress below you can see that Balenciaga has taken inspiration from a traditional Spanish design and took a modern twist by shortening the skirt length and by using the same ribbon used in a Mántilla hair accessory. IMG_2700

The exhibition also displays x-rays of several of Balenciaga’s dresses which show how the dresses were constructed.


There are many other designers who are inspired by Balenciaga. For example, Molly Goddard has taken inspiration from the black dress above by using similar materials and silhouette.

IMG_2710.jpg Drop by the exhibition before it finishes as it is beautifully put together with Balenciaga’s old designs as well as seeing how he has inspired fashion today.

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