Whitworth Art Gallery

I visited this art gallery as I was in Manchester in August. The gallery is located on the Oxford Road in Manchester right in the middle of the university district.

The building is made out of the traditional red brick with a modern glass extension at the back. The gallery is small compared to the London galleries but it is very spacious and has beautiful light in places.


The gallery provides art boxes with lots of art supplies so people could create art around the gallery. I enjoyed this concept as you would not get it in London and helps with promoting creativity.

There were several artists exhibiting their work at Whitworth but the artist which stuck out the most was Barbara Brown. Her textile designs were solely produced by Heal Fabrics and was regarded as their ‘golden girl’ for 17 years. Her designs consist of abstract plants, geometric shapes and brutalist architecture.

While we were at the gallery we saw a volunteer sketching. This lady created a sketchbook out of the gallery pamphlets and drew with biro on top. We talked to her and draws to pass the time sitting on the exhibition. This just shows how you can be creative with unexpected materials. I hope to try this technique of creating sketchbooks in the future.


Great art gallery to see if you are in the area!

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