Travel Journalling: Thoughts?

So I have to say that keeping a travel journal has been harder than expected. Its all very good at the beginning saying that you will draw everyday and keep ticket stubs but it is so difficult!

The sketchbook I used was the Moleskin Large Watercolour Sketchbook. As expected of Moleskin the quality of the paper is very good with it being very thick and not balling up at all when I used my watercolours.


I was lucky enough to purchase a HP Sprocket over the summer which prints off pictures instantly from your phone. It has been really helpful when doing this travel journal and I hope to use it over the next year.


So what would be my advice when creating a travel journal?

  • Update it whenever you can. I still haven’t finished pages from the beginning of summer so just keep going with it.
  • Be as creative as possible. Draw on top of ticket stubs, use watercolours over an entire page and extend drawings.
  • Keep everything. You never know when you might need that boarding pass to help finish a page or that shopping list to help you create another page.
  • Take it everywhere. Inspiration can strike anywhere.


So that is my version of a travel journal but remember that your journal will be completely different, none of us are exactly the same!



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