Thread Counts at WOMAD

We stumbled across this group at WOMAD festival in August. This group is based in Stroud and provides classes for children in order for them to focus and concentrate on something creative; this usually has calming effects on children. The initiative of this group is actually something I believe in strongly as I am thinking about going into teaching as a career opportunity.


The group provided my mum and I an one to one knit and crochet workshop for £5 each which was very reasonable for one to one lessons.


I tried doing a bit of crochet as I have never learned but I wasn’t successful. Instead, I decided to experiment with knitting and knitted into random stitches and it unusually worked.

As for my mum, she chose to try to crochet petals for a flower, of which she was very successful. The result was a very ruffly daisy which was very beautiful and delicate.


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