How to​ create a Stunning Mood Board

I never thought I would actually like presenting on A2 sheets of paper. In one of my previous posts, I have talked about my hatred for creating mood boards of which you can read here.

My Textile A-Level has helped largely with this progress. I find it much easier to work bigger because I am not trying to fit everything on a page, I have learnt to be selective.

So these mood boards were in order to display my suit designs. It helped me to display how I wanted the suit to look in an illustrative fashion.


So in a formula, how to compile a mood board:

  1. Include fashion illustrations/designs – these can be digitally done, or in my case illustrations. A nice way to use create fashion illustrations is to collage a body from a magazine and then create your design around.
  2. Fabric swatches – this creates a tactile nature to your mood board as well as helping to gain a technical aspect to your board.
  3. Colour palettes – I created my colour palettes using the app Adobe Capture and this helped me to understand what colours I primarily wanted to ‘shine’ in the piece.
  4. Key inspirational image – I selected one key inspirational image from one of the artists I have researched which linked directly into my design.
  5. Annotations – Comments and annotations can be really useful to mood boards as then have notes on how your designs have developed.
  6. Technical drawings – This is not necessarily needed but from researching certain mood boards on Pinterest, I decided to use them.

Obviously, you do not need to follow my formula as each mood board is different and individual, however, this is the way that I find the easiest to compile a mood board. I hope this helps you to create a stunning mood board!


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