Spoonflower Fabrics

My Spoonflower fabrics have finally arrived! Now my making can now commence. But first, a little about each fabric I ordered. These prints are for my three piece suit of which I am currently making in my Textiles A-Level.

I used the site Spoonflower to print my fabrics for me. They have a variety of fabrics which they can print your design on to alongside wallpaper and gift wrap. You can find their website here.

I ordered three fabrics from the website, of which are listed below.

Holland Park Print

  • This was printed on a Lightweight Cotton Twill which will give me just the right amount of structure for my jacket.

Red Brick Print

  • This was printed on a Heavy Cotton Twill which is much heavier than the previous fabric but will give the ability to create a crisp trouser.

Manchester Art Gallery

  • This was printed on an Organic Cotton Sateen Ultra and is my personal favourite out of all my fabrics. This will be used to create my waistcoat lining.

I was absolutely overjoyed when my fabrics arrived and now I can’t wait to construct my suit.

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