Finished Suit

So, I finally finished my three-piece suit! Months of work later and now it is all done. I am a bit sad that this project is over now especially looking at different types of architecture. I am very happy with the final outcome and you can see all of the garments together in my fashion video, of which I will link later on in this post.


The waistcoat is my favourite part of the suit. Due to the reversible feature, I had to think about how my textiles could best be reflected.

  • Side 1 was inspired by Sandra Meech who uses quilting and appliqué in her work. I used this to reflect architectural features in my waistcoat.
  • Side 2 was created using a print photographed and manipulated of the Manchester Art Gallery.
  • The pockets of the waistcoat were patchworked to seem like parquet flooring and these were only included on Side 1 of the waistcoat.

I found the construction intially very hard and throughout the final making of the waistcoat, I was still changing small elements of the pattern.

Side 1 Front
Side 1 Back
Side 2 Front
Side 2 Back


I found the jacket extremely difficult to construct. The combination of tailoring and preciseness is just not for me (hence it being too small for my model!)

  • The textiles was a predominant part of this garment. I cut out much of my print from Spoonflower to give the impression of windows. With the application of acetate, leather and metallic fusing, I was able to create a very interesting texture inspired by the glassy refractions.
Jacket Front
Jacket Back


Again, the trousers were not a fine point of my tailoring skills, but it gives an impression of how the print could have been used in fashion garments.

  • The print was created by manipulating a photograph of an appliqué of bricks. Using the mirror feature, it gave the impression of bricks within the prints, giving an abstract feel to the print.
Trousers part of the whole suit
Trouser print close up

Fashion Video

While photographing my suit at several locations in London, my friend filmed it too. I love the way it has come out as it shows how the suit could function.

The link is 

Well, that is the end of this project. I hope you liked seeing how it evolved and how different inspirations influenced my final pieces. Here’s to the new and last project of my school career!

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