National Museum of Scotland

This is one of my favourite places in Edinburgh to escape for while. I can tell you that this is a maze of a museum. I have been several times and I always get lost no matter what.

The museum consists of several sections but the main gallery has to be my favourite. It is beautiful and light and I could spend hours in there just looking up at the glass ceiling. You can also see all the different levels of the museum as well as the cafe which is perfectly situated on the middle floor. Definitely makes for a nice cup of tea!

The main gallery

The side galleries include many different exhibits from culture and fashion to nature and science. I did find the room with all the taxidermy animals a little creepy but I guess it saves on a ticket for the zoo! The great thing about the side galleries is that some of the exhibits are interactive which is great for kids. It kind of reminds me of the Science Museum in London and how much I enjoyed the interactive sections when I was little.

If you go to the museum on a clear day, make sure you visit the roof terrace. It has great 180 degree views of Edinburgh and you can see from Usher Hall, past the castle and all the way to the Royal Mile. It is a little tricky to find but ask one of the very helpful volunteers and they will direct you to the right place.

The view from the rooftop

The museum not only has spaces for exhibitions, but also has a lecture theatre and classrooms upstairs for school groups. It just shows the versatility of this museum and how it can be used in different ways.

So that is my little guide to the National Museum of Scotland. It is definitely worth a look so check it out if you find yourself in Edinburgh.

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