Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams

I know I am a little late in writing this post about the Dior exhibition, a year in fact! But, I could not not write a post about how gorgeous this exhibition was!

The Dior brand was started in 1947 and the exhibition is a good retrospect of all of their previous designs. The exhibition shows how their designs have evolved and changed with each different creative director of the company. I had learnt a little about the company from the film Dior and I, which contrasted between the origins of the brand and the introduction of the new creative director, Raf Simmons. It is definitely worth a watch if you love this designer as much as I do.

Each of the rooms had an individual theme from florals, French Renaissance, toiles and the dresses that celebrities have worn.

However, my favourite room had to be the paper floral forest. The design, Les Invasions Paper Garden, was ingeniously done by the Wanda Barcelona. It was incredible and truly felt like something you would see in a film for an enchanted winter wonderland.

Dresses in the paper forest.

There was also a room with all the toiles inside white and clear cases. I enjoyed looking at all of the construction of the dresses up close but also enjoyed imagining myself in one of those dresses.

One of the most interesting things I saw at the exhibition was the room of the miniature outfits. The reason behind this was so the accessory designers could make appropriate accessories for it. It was the best wardrobe a little girls doll could have!

There is something just so special about Dior dresses. From a young age, I’ve always enjoyed the classic silhouettes of these dresses. To continue the magic, I had to buy the exhibition book.

The exhibition has now finished but the highlights are up on the V&A website which you can find here. Enjoy!

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