Thoughts on First Year!

I know it has been a bit of time since my first year, but I think it is so important for other prospective students to know mine and my fellow coursemates thoughts.

First year was always going to be a nervous mess where you are scrambling to make friends, start your course and learn how to look after yourself, all in one.

So lets start on the making friends section:

I personally found making friends quite easy in first year. I lived in the same building as a lot of my friends so it was nice that we created a little group for ourselves. Truly our family away from home.

It took me a little more time to warm up to my coursemates. I remember just feeling really intimidated by these girls because their work was so good and completely different to anything I had ever seen before. But slowly, slowly, we created our own textile family, full of so much love and support.

The course:

I think what you have to remember about this particular course, is that first year is essentially a foundation year. In Scotland, university courses are usually four years, instead of three.

The course for first year was very conceptual and made you think out of the box. It wasn’t what you think you would do in first year as there was actually very little textile work.

Looking after ourselves:

Again, this is always going to be difficult in the first year. You have got to remember that everyone is in a similar position in first year, everybody is lonely. So if there is any chance to socialise, take it! I regret not meeting more new people in that first year.

I think you should also remember that help is always there for you. Self help apps are incredible but also there are university services available to you. I know the waiting lists for these type of things are long, but they can be super helpful too.

So there you have it, my first year round up. I hope this is helpful for any new students!

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