On The Page

This project was one of the weirder ones at university. I think it wasn’t helped by the week six chest infection and the very bad cough that came along with it.

The original inspiration tools.

But anyway, the aim for the project was about making and being creative with the odd bits and pieces you had and making them into tools. We then had to draw with the tool we created, but it was mainly mark making drawings. To complicate the project even more, we had to draw the tool we created with the tool. I hope you understood that!

From learning about all these different tools and techniques, I created my own tools. They weren’t that developed but my project was more about performance art and using . The tooth brush and mascara wand was my personal favourite. They were the best tools to achieve curves with. The most obscure tool I used was a sieve that I used to draw a sieve. How very art school!

We also looked at different tools at the Surgeon’s Hall Museum. This mostly consisted of dentist equipment: Georgian veneers, pliers and drills. It was interesting to see different tools but definitely a little creepy to touch and draw these tools in the flesh.

Final mark making drawings.
A ball of string created with an elastic bad wrapped around a stick.

The whole point behind the project was to develop our drawings and our drawing styles. It was to get us to think outside the box and to think about using tools other than brushes and pencils. It definitely opened up my mind a little bit, even if I didn’t want it to be opened!

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