Summer Florals

Florals is one of the things every textile designer has to do at one point. I tried to avoid doing flowers for as long as possible in textile designs as I feel they are overused. However, they are always in fashion, so there will always be a need for them.

This entire project was inspired by the film Call Me By Your Name. This is one of my favourite films. It was the first film that truly made me realise the amount of work that goes into the cinematography, so much so, that I can feel the sun rays on my back whenever I watch this film.

Anyway, this was the perfect source of inspiration for my project, especially with the colour palette. I decided on blue, orange, yellow, white and a hint of green. These were all taken from the promotional movie posters and the costumes worn in the film.

As for my silk screen, I decided to go with drawings that provided different textures, lines and shapes. I choose a textured orchid close up, a silhouette of flowers, a large scale peony line drawings, continuous line drawing of some daffodils and some leaves.

My exposed silk screen

I dyed up lots of fabrics with this colour palette as well as using denim. I tried to be sustainable with my fabric choices too, with only using bamboo jersey’s, offcuts of denim, linen, silk and cotton.

The dye vats

Below are some of my fabric samples for this project. Unfortunately, they weren’t very experimental prints because it got disrupted by Coronavirus, but I am still proud how they turned out! The techniques I used for this project were discharge dying, screen printing with binders, foiling and flocking, all of which turned out great in the end!

As this project was for fashion florals, we had to translate our designs into some illustrations. My illustrations were a combination of collage and drawing but we could choose whatever medium we wanted for it. I decided to design for the characters in the film which turned out really nicely in the end.

One of my fashion illustrations

See the full fashion textile video on my instagram @laylachauhantextiles !

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