Textures of Arthur’s Seat

This project came about as a result of my Creative Books Work course. The brief was to create an artists book inspired by Maps, hence the MapBook project title.

No.1 Moss on rock texture
No.1 Textured sample

My inspiration for this project came from a regular walk I did near Arthur’s Seat and for a long time, I wanted to do a project about it. I decided I wanted to map all the interesting textures of Arthur’s Seat and used mapping techniques such as using a grid and sketching onto square paper to collect my initial data.

No.2 Fungi and moss growing on a tree
No.2 Textured sample nailed onto a tree

This was the perfect project to incorporate my Textiles Degree. I decided to use felting, a punch pen, knitting and embroidery to create different textures. Caroline Saxby inspired me mainly to use felting and embroidery as she does something similar but with the sea as inspiration.

No.3 Moss growing on a rock
No.3 Textured sample

Instead of my book being bound together with a physical binding, I chose to ‘bind’ them together with the subject matter. This made me realise that my definition for a book was “pages that are collated together”. This is a very vague definition, but it gives me the scope to really explore what I can do with a book form.

No.4 Moss intertwined in rock face
No.4 Textured sample

It is important for me when my book is published that people would be able to touch and feel it. The materials I made the book out of are very tactile and I want people to be able to ‘dig’ around the pages. From this, I realised my book would be published in an art exhibition where you can touch the work and hear the sounds of the wind and the birds around you.

No.5 Surprise surprise, more moss on a rock!
No.5 Textured sample

This MapBook project made me realised that I wanted to create one of a kind books which could not recreated. They are one of a kind pieces that make them special to have and hold! Take a little look at the video below to see the samples in detail.

Sample Video

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