For the zine project, my inspiration came from my personal experience of suicide in my family. This unfortunate circumstance has resonated in me since, hence why it was the inspiration for this project.

From studying about zines, I now understand that they are a quick form of publishing to get a strong message across. I also discovered that they are quite minimal, as they are a quick way of publishing ideas and thoughts.

The design and making process of this project was very cathartic for me. I found the process very peaceful and as a result, allowed me to reflect and understand what I wanted to achieved.

My main artist inspiration for this project was Grief Poems by Chloe Zelka. She found poems in her time of grieving, collages them and then painting on top which creates something very raw. The simplicity of this idea inspired me to use the statement “from darkness, into the light”.

In my culture, suicide and mental health is a taboo topic. It was important for me to create a zine that made people think about the consequences of mental health problems. I achieved this accessibility by including a diva lamp. This is symbolic in the Hindu culture, with it being used around Diwali, a festival about good overcoming evil, or light overcoming darkness.

Inside of the zine
Cover of my zine

This project was a great way to grieve and process my emotions at the time. It is a sad subject, but art is a great way to express your feelings.

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