Adapting your Workspace

Working from home in this ‘new normal‘ is definitely taking some getting use to. I have found the best way to adapt and feel a little more at home, is to make a more distinguished workplace for me. I am sure you know by now that I am a textiles student and for us, studio space is so important. Here are my tips to try and recreate the studio in your own home.

Desk space

  • I have an Ikea desk but I have seen a lot of people who have made desks out of crates or a music stand or just something you have around the house.
  • I like to cover and protect my desk because I am always painting or drawing. In the end, I decided to cover it with some parcel paper which is quite affordable, but an oilcloth is equally as good and is also wipeable.
  • Try and keep your desk as clear as possible. I try and tidy it in the morning before I start any work. As they say, tidy desk, tidy mind! Of course, this doesn’t always work.
Clear desk space

Hang your work up!

  • I find I feel a little more inspired if my work is out or whatever you are working on is out.
  • Command Hooks are a great way to hook your work up. I use them for fabric samples which I tagged on to bulldog clips to avoid any holes in my work occurring.
  • Pinboards are also great to pin you work or photos up. I found some for £5 at Wilkos which are self adhesive as well.
My work in frames
Hanging my work up with Command Hooks and pin boards

Have the right resources with you

  • Don’t doubt the benefits of a good chair. This will save your back, and prevent the hunchback look for the new academic year.
  • A lamp is also beneficial, especially if you are doing exceptionally detailed work.
  • A printer nearby is of advantage too for printing off research or new designs. I also find it you want photographs, FreePrints is a great way of getting affordable prints for a small price each month.
My studio set up

I hope these tips are helpful for working at home and adapt accordingly!

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