Face Embroidery

I started this project on Christmas Day 2017. It was the end of a bit of a tragic year for my family, so this project was to avoid a bit of a sad Christmas Day.

This embroidery was inspired by a charcoal portrait drawing of my dad. My dad didn’t actually like the drawing, he called it dark and somber, hence the use of lots of vibrant colours in the piece.

Original charcoal portrait

From photocopying the original drawing, I added some oil pastels on top to contrast against the supposedly dark and somber drawing. I used a purple pastel to shade and obviously lighter colours to highlight the high points of the face. Ooo I sound like a makeup artist!

Photocopy with pastels over the top

I decided to put a viewfinder on top of the drawing to isolate a design to sew. To make a viewfinder you just need to fold a piece of paper together and then cut a square along the fold. You should get a great little viewfinder to isolate areas and see things in greater detail.

Front of the embroidery
Back of the embroidery

To make it into an embroidery, I just selected similar colours and sewed everything according to my drawing. Once I finished the sewing, I actually preferred the back to the front. This happens to me a lot of the time, but I just prefer the texture at the back.

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