Interview Help

It has definitely been a while since all of my university admissions interviews. In fact it has been nearly three years.

However, during my boredom of this lockdown, I found all of my interview prep notes and thought it would help another creative student out. Some of these interview styles must have changed in the past few years but it should give you some idea about what to expect in the upcoming interviews.

Each university has a different way of interviewing their new students, so never expect to have the same interview. There are three interview types you need to prepared for: group, individual and rotation interviews.

Group interviews:

I can tell you that group interviews were not my favourite at all, especially when they are sprung on you. My one and only group interview was at Manchester Metropolitan. All the candidates, including myself had to sit around a table and present the most important piece of work to them. Definitely a little nerve wracking! So my advice for this style of interview is:

  • Pick out piece of work before your interview.
    • This is quite helpful to do just in case someone asks what is your favourite piece and why
  • Be confident, even if you don’t feel it!
    • Remember why you want to study at that university and let your passion for your subject take over
  • Don’t worry if the interviewer isn’t really responding to what you are saying.
    • Just remember they are trying to see how you react to the situation and if you can relay your ideas clearly
Loughborough University

Individual interviews:

These types of interviewers are a little more intimate but that should not scare you off at all! Nottingham Trent had these types of interviews as well as Birmingham City. I actually really liked these types of interviews as you can get to know your tutors a little better and ask questions about the course. My advice:

  • Have a couple of questions ready for the interviewer.
    • This shows them that you are interested in coming to the university and that you want to be on the their course
  • Know your work!
    • Get used to talking about your work and what inspired you. In some cases you don’t have your work with you, so know your work well
  • Have a mock interview with a teacher.
    • This is super helpful, especially if you haven’t had any interview experience previously
Leeds University

Rotation interviews:

The rotation interview was one of the easier interviews. Lucky for me, that it was my first interview. I liked the casual and conversational nature of this interview as it put me a little at ease. I also managed to get to the open day so I knew the tutors who would interview before. Here comes my advice:

  • Relax!
    • These style of interviews are a little more relaxed and just like a basic conversation, so use this time to really enjoy talking about your work
  • Be prepared for the tutors to look at your work before your interview.
    • I am always used to never leaving my work anywhere, especially a portfolio that took hours to create
  • Prepare some possible questions they could ask you.
    • I know this sounds crazy, but try and find a list of potential questions they could ask. This can either be in the pack they give you or just give a little search on the internet.
Falmouth Town Centre

There is all my advice for you upcoming students! I know it will probably be a little out of date, but some guidance is always helpful. Don’t be nervous, you will be great!!

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