Quarantine Sanity

I am sure many of you are losing it a little during Quarantine. I definitely am at the moment. A little, or rather a big, Sunday breakdown has led me to write this blog post, so here I am, telling others about my experience.

From being independent as a university student to being back home and living with my parents, I am finding it difficult to adapt to life at home again.

As a creative student as well, it is so important to feel at home in your surroundings so you can create good work as well.

So here are my tips on keeping some sanity while this unprecedented time.

1. Have your space.

It is so important to have your space when you are at home. Whether that is your bedroom or another room in your home, create a space that is yours completely. A space where you can escape to can do wonders for you mental wellbeing. I am usually around my parents during meal times, but during the day, I try and stay away as much as possible. This avoids the many arguments we have in our house as well as helping me concentrate on my own tasks.

My workspace

2. Call your friends.

When I am feeling a little overwhelmed, I find that calling my friends help me immensely. A friend can give you a little perspective to how you are feeling or can talk about their similar experiences. Also,  it gives a sense of familiarity, especially if you saw that friend frequently at university. Also, I insist that any friend of mine who has a dog, has to send me dog pictures whenever they can!

3. Do some exercise.

At the moment, I  find I need to stretch and exercise more often. It helps my back (I know I am basically a grandma) and also gives endorphins which just make you happier. Yoga is especially helpful with its cleansing breathes and stretches. I also find just a quick bike ride is really beneficial as it actually gets me out of the house.

Gardening in the sun

4. Drink some tea

I don’t know what it is, but tea always makes things feel better. My life feels a lot more together when I have a cup of tea in my hand. I find a nice cup of peppermint tea soothes me or a camomile just before bed.

5. Light a candle.

I am an avid supporter of self care and that definitely reflects in my love of lighting a candle. I am a lavender scent lover. Again, its another reason why I am actually a grandma, but I love how calming the scent is. It truly sends me to sleep.

Making my room my own

So there are my tips for keeping some type of sanity during quarantine. I’m trying my best as I am sure the rest of you are.

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