Miss You Cards

They say that you should do things that spark joy. For me that is creating something that would spread the love (safely , I might add) in these uncertain times.

To do this, I made cards and postcards and sent them to my friends and posted some through postboxes that had rainbows in the windows.

These cards were very simple to create. I just cut out the stamps out of a rubber and stamped the ‘u’ and embossed it with gold glitter.

The final card design with the gold embossed ‘u’.

Making these cards has made me realise how easy printing is to create a large amount of work. I could have kept making cards for hours but I run out of resources.

During lockdown, I was also thinking about other ways of getting my work out into the wide world. I decided to submit one of my postcard designs to the @postcardsfrompandemics instagram account. I’ve attached the page so you can go and take a look, I am number 87.

I hope these cards inspired people to spread the love and sparked the chain reaction that I hoped it would.

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