Forecasting Foresights

Trends are very difficult to define. I find they mean individual things to everyone. According to Google, a trend is a general direction in which something is developing or changing.

To me, a trend is a style that you create which can vary from fashion, interiors or creating an atmosphere.

This trend was based off a trip I took to Copenhagen a couple of years back. It was inspired by all the food that we ate on the trip but I also combined it with an aspect of student life that I don’t like.

I find at university, I am very lonely during meal times. I’ve been brought up with my family eating together at meal times but at university everyone eats different things at different times.

I wanted to create a trend that would be about students spending time together and eating together over a special meal, with minimal use over phone.

For the meal, I made a sweet potato and coconut soup, a spaghetti bolognese and a plum frangipani tart. I tried to make the food look as pretty as possible as usually uni food is beans on toast or something beige you put in the oven.

I also decorated the table with material, fairy lights and candles. The whole point behind the trend was to use what I had already. As a student, you don’t really have any disposable income, so using what you have got is very important. I also made menus and name cards out of parcel tags.

Here is the full trend for you to see!

I hope you liked this trend. It came from my love of food, sense of family and community alongside entertaining my friends.

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