Graffiti Tour of London

I have never really got a chance to explore East London properly before this day. We planned this day out for my brother’s birthday and it was the perfect opportunity to explore this area of London. We had the help of a book, 33 Walks in London That You Shouldn’t Miss, that was super helpful.

We started off by Spitelfield’s Market for breakfast before starting off our tour on the graffiti of East London, we had to have some fuel in our belly before we started the long walk.

I never realised Wilkes Street was home to weavers. The architecture made a lot of sense though, large windows to let the light in. I especially liked the different coloured doors and windows which provided some colour inspiration for me.

We then found ourselves walking along Brick Lane and looking in all the different shops as well as looking at the different food markets.

We came across this one shop in the Hanbury Street Market I think called, Green Inc Co and I have bought so much stuff from them. I never thought I would be into the tie dye trend, but this shop had a black and orange design that just suited my skin tone much better than the pastel stuff. And the best thing was that all of these fabrics were sustainably sourced, something of which I am very passionate about recently.

After our short shopping interlude (not so short actually), we entered another market inside a warehouse. I discovered that I had actually been there before for a fashion show, of which I have written about here.

There’s a bakery on Brick Lane that’s well known for its bagels, Beigels Bakery. Unfortunately, I got the bakery wrong and went to the one right next door. It was a bit of a fail moment for me, but it was good anyway.

I really enjoyed this walk, especially seeing all the different graffiti. It’s revived my love for colour and definitely given me inspiration for new colour palettes.

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