Dying from Dyeing

Dyeing is a time intensive task. Many hours dying from dyeing with Hope has led to this post being written. I know its an exaggeration, but here are my tips to make the process as easy and stress free as possible. These tips are specifically for cold water dyeing.

1. Be organised and keep a notebook specifically for your fabric dyeing.

  • I cannot stress how important this is. Keeping all your dye recipes and ratios in one place is so much better than sheets of paper all over the place.

2. Dye fabrics with a partner.

  • I find this super helpful as you can have the same timings as each other and keeping each other sane.

3. Write down your timings and put on alarms to remember when to stir or add ingredients to the dye bath.

  • This again is helpful and is great to do in correlation with writing down your timings. It is great because you then you can go about your dyeing, worry free of remembering the timings.

4. Do not be tired when doing this.

  • Due to the many timings and the different ingredients being added to the dye bath, it is really easy to get confused or just forget you are dying completely!

5. Stir all the f**king time.

  • I know tie dye is a fashion trend at the moment, but to avoid that effect, you need to stir all the time. More stirring = a more consistently dyed sample.

Good luck with the future dyeing, if the dye labs permit to have us students in it. Here is a lucky Hope wishing you luck!

Sexy dyeing outfits.

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