Camera Sketchbook

I started this sketchbook as a bit of a drawing project. My parents and I were going through the attic and we saw this box of cameras. I immediately thought, “this will be the perfect subject for a drawing project”.

Some of the cameras we found in the attic.

I made a concertina sketchbook, you can find the video here! This was the perfect way to present my drawings but are also one of my favourite sketchbooks to make.

I decided to make this sketchbook a bit different than I usually do. I added brown parcel paper as well as black and for the backgrounds. I found this gave me different textures and colours to work on other than the white cartridge paper that I made the book out of.

The mediums I used for this project were biro, fineliners, black felt tip, white Posca markers, gold pen and pencil.

I really enjoyed experimenting with textures with this project. I made lots of patterned and textured papers by doing rubbings of the camera cases and lenses and quick texture drawings. I used these papers alongside some old reel to create a collage camera drawing which turned out really nicely, if I say so myself!

My camera collage

I found I was really attracted to the logos of the cameras, so I cut out the logos on the front and the back pages. The Minolta brand is significant to me as well, as it was the camera brand that my grandad really liked. It was nice to work on something that connected me back to him a little!

Continuous line drawings are one of my favourite drawing techniques. It really gets me out of trying to make everything perfect and enjoy the imperfect nature of the drawing.

Continuous line drawing

They are also very satisfying to do time lapse videos of, so here you have it.

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