Idea Update

My idea for this project is a quilt made out of the single use plastics that myself and my flatmates have collected in a week. It will be like a visual food diary. From watching the War on Plastic with Hugh and Anita, I have become more aware about my plastic consumption. I have become more aware about the effect of plastics on the ocean, so I want to incorporate fish into my design, as they will be ‘swimming’ in a sea of plastic and our crisp bags.

A very quick and bad sketch of my idea.

But the main inspiration for this project was the Crisp Bag Project run by Pen Huston. 

The techniques I am going to focus on are fusing plastics, weaving and knitting. I am going to weave/knit sections out of plastic bags I have, but I am aware of the time restraints on this. Alongside this, I am going to fuse together crisp packets and any other single use plastics together to create a plastic quilt. I also hope to collage with my plastics too. 

As for my concept, I have chosen to design a product that adds value to the maker and customer. It adds value to me as a maker as I am using up my single use plastics. It adds value to my customer, a person who is homeless, as it will protect their sleeping bag, as well as providing extra insulation.

Hopefully this will work out well!

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