Collaboration with Grace

A Saturday afternoon, some plastics and some scraps of fabrics. Or the perfect afternoon for a collaboration with Grace.

We set ourselves an hour to experiment with our scraps from our projects. Our projects actually interlinked together quite well, with Grace looking at the amount of textile waste, especially synthetic fabrics. This linked into my plastic project, too as 35% of microplastics released in to the world’s oceans are from synthetic textiles. As I said, a very nice link indeed.

We set about just fusing fabrics between plastics at first, but then started weaving with them and fusing them with other plastics. Just a whole lot of plastic and fabric playing.

Anyway, I’ll let the samples explain for themselves.

Fabrics and plastics fused together.
Me cutting the fabric and plastic sample to make a woven sample.
Plastic and fabric weaving. I fused the plastic and the fabrics together with the iron.
A weaving sample using old yarn scraps, polystyrene and my plarn.
Trapped fabric between two sheets of plastic.
Working on our samples together.

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