The Crisp Bag Project

Last week, I emailed the original Crisp Bag Project in Hastings about potentially sending my finished single use plastic quilt to them to use in their bivi bags . Their founder, Pen Huston, got back to me and has agreed to take my creation once I have created it! I have attached their Facebook page here.

Not only is it very exciting that she got back to me, but it also helps me to make my design fit into a circular economy.

So how does my design fit into a circular economy? I am using single-use plastics from my own student flat and fusing them to make a bivi bag. This should protect sleeping bags for people who are living on the streets. Hopefully, these bags then can be swapped, repaired and used for a long time. If not, they can be recycled and can enter the plastics chain again.

I will keep you updated!

Image from the Crisp Bag Project

Cover image is from

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