In Reflection.

Its that time again. Another project coming to close. I can’t believe that three weeks have flown by just like that! Here are my reflections on this project.

  1. How have you applied your research to the concept?

I have applied my concept to the research in a variety of ways. The main research that applies is the War on Plastic with Hugh and Anita. This was further research, suggested by the one and only Shirley, but it applied so well to my project. The programme made me think about my use of single-use plastics and as a result, I collected all our my flats single-use plastics for a week.

The research that also applied was the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. This site was great as it educated me about plastics and the circular economy. This made me think about how my design fits in a circular economy and made me more aware how to design due to this.

I also had a look at the Circular Design Guide which was a great resource, as it provides designers and businesses with the resources needed to include a circular design into their practice. Even though this doesn’t apply directly to my project, I believe in their perspectives and want to try and further my practice by using this resource.

2. What context have you selected for your project?

The context that I have selected for my project is designing a bivi bag for a person who is homeless. This applies to my concept again, as it links to a product adding value to the maker and the customer. It adds value to me as a maker as I am using up my single use plastics. It adds value to my customer, a person who is homeless, as it will protect their sleeping bag, as well as providing extra insulation. 

I have really liked using this philosophy during this project, as it has made me realise that there is a lot more to design, rather than designing something that is pretty, but instead, something that is useful to everyone.

3. Reflection on the project.

I have really enjoyed this project as it has got me out of my comfort zone. It has made me use unconventional materials as well as really thinking about the meaning behind my work. It has made me realise that I can create things which really have a use in the world. As for the preliminary research, it has just opened up my world a little bit more and made me realise that I enjoy learning about different things and that research is so easy to come by.

The research has also helped me understanding how I can cut down on my own use of single-use plastics.

As you can tell, I have really enjoyed this project. It was intense, but is so valuable to my practice now and my lifestyle.

However, it is time for a well deserved rest, so I am signing off for a weekend of fun!

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  1. Shirley Mclauchlan says:

    Layla this is a wonderful body of work. You have clearly enjoyed this project which has been communicated through your blog posts. It is both playful and informative. You have generated a great body of work that has further potential. The content of work shown via your blog is of a high standard. Excellent work.


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