Mood Boards

Somehow, I have ended up with two mood boards for this project. That’s right people, two mood boards = two projects.

I might have double the workload, but it is so worth it. I am looking at two very different aspects of Edinburgh.

  1. City Warmth

City Warmth is about finding the warmth you can find in this, at times, cold city. The locations from this project is from places that I have a sentimental attachment to, while including the colour palette from the doors of Edinburgh. Here is more about the project below.

City Warmth Mood Board
City Warmth Locations
City Warmth Drawing Style

2. From Edinburgh with Luxe.

From Edinburgh with Luxe is a play on words from “From Paris with Love.” This project is about the affluent areas of Edinburgh such as Stockbridge and Melville Street where the store is placed. I am hoping to focus on the Georgian architecture in this areas as well as architectural features in the Strathberry store itself. Again, find below my boards for this side of the project.

From Edinburgh with Luxe Mood Board
From Edinburgh with Luxe Locations and Images
From Edinburgh with Luxe Drawing Style

That’s me for this week. Time for a weekend of drawing and painting. Sounds pretty good to me.

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