Somewhere in Northern Scotland

I decided to go up to Edinburgh at the beginning of August as I had to sort some things out for my new flat, that I am very excited about. I should also say, I know that Edinburgh is not in Northern Scotland, but it just goes so well with my title.

This project is a continuation from my Summer Florals project, of which you can find here. I had so many samples from this project and I knew I wanted to do something with them, so I decided to make a corset top out of it.

Hope, my consultant fashion designer on this project, helped me to decide where I should place the samples on the corset. Thank god for Hope, because I don’t know if I would have made a decision about what fabric should go where.

We also had to work from a corset toile instead of a pattern, which proved to be difficult. I am not the most precise person when it comes it pattern cutting, so some haphazard cutting definitely happened.

I also boned the corset as well and had many faults in the construction of the top so I just decided to make design features out of the faults. Let’s see if you can notice them!

As Hope is a bit of a pro with the camera, we decided to do a little photo shoot with my new garment. It was so much fun, especially as Hope styled me up and made me feel so comfortable taking photos on her building’s stairs.

Can I just say, that this photo shoot ended up with us being locked out of Hope’s flat, so some of these photos might not have happened if it wasn’t for the emergency locksmith, and the £60 we needed to pay him.

Here are some of my favourite final shots, with Hope’s beautiful editing to make it look more like the Call Me By Your Name movie poster. I hope you like them as much as I do.

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