Strathberry Store

As part of the project, we had to visit the Strathberry. I say have to, it was a rather nice excursion on a grey and wet Monday morning.

We were greeted by a foliage arch outside the store, between the black Georgian iron railings. To enter into the showroom, we had to press an intercom, showing the type of client that enters a Strathberry store, definitely not a group of students!

The store oozed luxury, from the plush cream carpets, to the checkered floor in the hallway. The gold details in the lights from the hardware, just fitted perfectly with their aesthetic of minimalism as well fitting the beautiful Georgian townhouse they are housed in.

The store is placed in quite an affluent part of Edinburgh, on Melville Street to be precise. I think it counts under the Stockbridge area in Edinburgh but who knows! This area is well know for being very nice, with a weekly Sunday market and many little boutiques lining the high street. The area is also known for the beautiful townhouses that provide some fascination for me.

I have included my brand profile for Strathberry below, so make sure you check that out.

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