City Drawings

This weekend was definitely one for painting. The weather was horrible, wet and grey. The perfect time to cosy up and start some bright paintings of some of my favourite places in Edinburgh.

Each place has a special place in my heart, turning a simple scarf design project into something quite personal for me.

I used acrylic paints to create the bright designs as they have the opacity that I am looking for, as well as being so smooth to work with. I also have an abundance of acrylics and need to use them up one way or another.


Portobello is such a beautiful place. My best memories of this area were when I was working on a student film and I used to arrive early just to have a little time to think by the sea. Alongside this, recently my flatmates and I went a quick swim in the sea (a bit crazy I know) and finished the afternoon with chips by seafront.

My painting of Portobello beach when the tide is out.
My own photo of Portobello Beach.


This lighthouse at Newhaven is one of my favourite things to draw. I am so attracted to this area as it is feels so quiet like the little seaside town it is. I usually go with one of my family members here, in fact she was the first person who brought me here. We came for the day and ended up in a cafe opposite the lighthouse. There is also a famous fish and chip restaurant along the harbour, of which, I still have yet to try.

My painting of Newhaven Lighthouse.
My photo of Newhaven Lighthouse.

National Museum of Scotland

The National Museum of Scotland was one of the places that I explored and discovered by myself initially. I find it is so inspiring and has everything you could possibly think of. However, the main area of awe is definitely the main hall/gallery. Its iron work and glass architecture make it the brightest of rooms, even in the Edinburgh gloom.

My painting of the National Museum of Scotland.
My photo of the National Museum of Scotland.


When I first moved to Edinburgh, I moved into student accommodation on Leith Walk. It is the most beautiful area and somewhere where I really feel like I am home. The walk itself down into Leith and onto The Shore is long, but so worth it to get to the Saturday market or just have a little look down the The Shore.

My painting of Leith.
My photo of Leith.

Church Hill Theatre

This is my new stomping ground. I love the architecture of this theatre and it makes for a perfect view in the morning. It is a little sad to see it out of use at the moment, but I hope this painting makes up for the bright times there were in there.

My painting of Church Hill Theatre.
Told you it was my view!

Dean Village

Dean Village is a place that I have only visited recently. My friend Georgia and I decided to walk down on a sunny Sunday and explore the area, including Stockbridge Markets and the adjacent charity shops too. Georgia even treated me to a cream tea as a belated birthday present! It was such a lovely day and felt so wholesome in these uncertain times. I felt so lucky to be living in Edinburgh that day and be surrounded by such generous people!

My painting of Dean Village.
My photo of Dean Village.

That turned into a little guide to Edinburgh there. As I said, I feel so lucky to be studying and living in such a beautiful city. I am so grateful that I can just walk out of my flat and go and explore all of the areas that this city has to offer.

This project is truly my love letter to Edinburgh.

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