West End Details

If you read my previous posts, you would know that one of the areas that I am looking at for my scarf project is the West End. The West End hosts so many beautiful buildings as well as little boutique shops, as well as the Strathberry store.

The area is full of history, of which, you can read below.

The drawing style for this side of the project is a more detailed, line drawing. I think this style reflects very nicely on the brand and the brief as it depicts the luxury feel they wanted.

I also wanted to look at the showroom itself on Melville Street. The beautiful detail on the building cannot be ignored and is the subject for most of my drawings in this style.

The front of the Strathberry store.
The ceiling medallion in the Edinburgh showroom.
Tile pattern on the floor of the showroom.

I also decided to trace the locations that I did for my City Warmth project including the same detail that I used in my original store drawing.

Portobello Beach Line Drawing.
Leith Line Drawing.
Church Hill Line Drawing.
National Museum of Scotland Line Drawing.
Newhaven Line Drawing.
Dean Village Line Drawing.

I am hoping to transfer these all into different designs for the Strathberry scarfs. There’s just too many possibilities!

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