Side 1 Designs

While these nights now draw in, I have been designing designs for a beautiful brand. The brief was to make a twill scarf for Strathberry, so this is just one side of it. This is meant to the be the main side, but who is there to say which side is which.

I am loving designing in a variety of different ways. I think creatively I haven’t really been thinking to the best of my capacity, but this project is making me think further and further out of the box. However, there is always more work to do and many improvements to be made.

I like designing with symmetry and repeats, of which I especially did with a map design of the West End area. Alongside this, I combined all of the locations line drawings to make a monochrome scarf design. I also combined the monochrome scheme with my colourful paintings too. The incorporation of writing as well, sophisticates the design a little I think.

Anyway, here are some designs as follows.

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